Glossary of CaseVue Terms

Definitions for terms in CaseVue:



Active tab All available users, facilities, and regions that are usable in the system.
Approved The applicant has met qualifications allowed into your facility.
Average Score The average score of all the cases submitted
Average Score Count The average number of times a case has been updated.
Customer ID This is the given name for a company used in logging into the CaseVue system. If you need help finding your Company ID, please contact the helpdesk.
Disable Tab All users, facilities, and regions that are not active or useable in the system.
Enabled (ON/OFF) Switch If the switch is On, the object is listed as active. If the switch is Off, the object is listed as disabled.
Facility This is the building in which you admit clients. 
Facility Contact The main point of contact for a facility. This is changed by a company administrator. More on use roles here.
Message and Alerts These are messages from AutoGov, including important updates and alerts.
No Number
Password Password is the secure phrase that you use to log in.
Pending The applicant has not had an official admission decision made on his/her case.
Provider See Customer ID
Region The region(s) are defined per company and are used to group facilities together for reporting purposes.
Rejected The applicant has not met qualifications for  being admitted into your facility.
Score The score is the final product of the case submission, and it shows the risk to your company. The numbers range from 0 to 100. As the score goes down, the risk goes up.
Score Count Number of cases submitted.
SSN Social Security Number
Status A Approved cases
Status P Pending Cases
Status R Rejected Cases
Submit a New Request Button This button starts off the scoring process.
UCI Unique Client Identifier. This is a CaseVue unique code given to each client entered into the system.
User Role Levels of permissions for CaseVue. Read more here.
User(s) Users are company employees that perform your intake, supervisors, and/or company executives.
ZIP 5 digit Postal Zip Code

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