Why does CaseVue need personal information?


In a day when your personal information must be protected and closely guarded, "Why does CaseVue need personal information?" is a valid and smart question. In short, it is all about getting the most accurate answers possible.


CaseVue uses fields such as: Name, Address, Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB), and questions about income and assets.  We also must for information like "is your client married?" These fields are used not only in our data model, but they are often checked by our third-party data provider to verify the information provided is true. After the third-party data is returned, we rerun the formula again and adjust our score for the potentially new information.

Because the information requested is critical to the process we have made some of these fields mandatory. In fact, a score cannot be rendered without those fields being completed first.

Data Security:

Because such important information is being transferred, AutoGov partners data brokers for third-party data; and all transactions are being encrypted at multiple points even before we begin the scoring process.

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