How do I edit a case I already submitted?

Editing a previously submitted case:

  1. Click the "Scoring" tab on the navigation bar.
  2. Find the case you wish to edit by searching for it in the PENDING REQUEST, APPROVED REQUEST, or REJECTED REQUEST tables.
  3. Click the UCI of the case you wish to edit to open the update page.
  4. Change whatever information you need to change. (If you need to change a date of birth, click here.)
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Update" and the new score will appear.



  1. Click the scoring tab.
  2. Click the UCI of the case you wish to edit.

 3. Change the information you wish to edit.

 4. Press "Update" when finished editing.

5. The name has been updated, and the case was rescored.

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