What are user roles?

Requirement: You need to be the Account Creator or have Company Admin privileges in order to access this Setting.

User Roles are to be thought of as security clearances built into CaseVue. When changing a user or creating a new user, you can easily change who has access and what information can be accessed across the system.



What do the User Roles mean?

User Role Description Settings Available  Examples of Use
Company Admin       

This is the default user role for the account creator.

This user role can see all cases submitted by all Supervisors and normal users. 

  • Account
  • Users
  • Company
  • Regions
  • Payment
 Company Head, Person in charge of operations, Marketing Head

This user role has all of the case access of a company admin, but cannot manage users, company facilities, region creation, or access payment.

  • Account
Normal User

This is the basic account type. This user can only see cases they have submitted.

  • Account
 People who only need access to a score. 

How to change User Roles?

Step 1: Click "Settings".

Step 2: Click "Users".

Step 3: Click on a user in the "Active" list and change the desired user role.  

Step 4: Save changes.

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